Label Under Construction FW10/11 Preview 2

A few classics are back, most notably the wool gillet and seismic knit. The grey faded overlock jeans don’t quite work for me, a bit too light for my taste. Accessories are next. Check back soon

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Label Under Construction FW10/11 Preview

A few new knits were introduced this season, but the majority of it are classic gems rehashed in different materials. There was a certain time that I knew I had to have that Scarf collared jacket, but it always looked ill fitting on everyone I’ve seen it on. The blazer looks better than previous fall winter seasons, -material is a light wool and seems to fall on the body exceptionally well. I had a chance to try it on and I will probably use this for the fall.

More pictures in a few days!

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Miharayasuhiro + Forme d’Expression cropped pants

The beige Mihara cropped pants are 100% cotton. Black Forme’ pants are Rammie+Cotton. T

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CCP 09 Derby

First piece of Carol footwear for me. I’ve been after this one for four or so months. Still looking for ss07 ones, size 7!

Upper leather made from Kangaroo / Sole consists of cow leather.

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LUC Black Tussah Raw Silk Cardigan

Scooped this up for summer wearin’ days. Its exactly the same one as the grey one I purchased up a few months back. Pretty fantastic. I’ve thrashed my grey one and it’s still going strong. Thanks to Orika for helping me with this one

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LUC Wool Reversible Pixel Knit

100% Wool Reversed
Pants by LUC (wide trousers)

more pictures after the jump… too many!


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LUC Wool Reverse Wrinkled Print LS

Oh, you know– I don’t think I can ever get enough.

A collection definitely aimed at formal simplicity, at geometry and its correlated mathematical ratios, which has found its distinctive mark in knitwear. A stylistic development whose pace is never imposed by the frantic rhythm of fashion but by the urge to actualise ideas loaded with small details drawn from the simple world of everyday life.

Just as any other thing consisting of size, ratios, forms and spaces, also knitwear is considered in terms of its bidimensional (2D) or tridimensional (3D) components: therefore, not a simple line on paper, but a territory rich in experiment and research that allows the creation of new ‘identities’ to wear.

100% Wool
Trousers are also by LUC (low rise trousers)

more pictures after the jump… too many…


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